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About Samajotthan Gramodhyog Samiti

The origins of Samajotthan Gramodhyog Samiti go back to 2000 when the founder of Samiti Mr. Dinesh Sharma, vision to empower rural surroundings of J.P. Nagar (Amroha), Utter Pradesh with modern amenities and education. In pursuance of the dream to reality, he donated a big piece of land for a school in the area. The school has been built and now running since 2006 by name “B D Kanya Public School”.

The school has now strength of 100+ students studying in classes 1st to 8th. Next step is get recognition up to 12th standard.

As time grows, efforts would be to build B.Ed. and Technical colleges for girls belonging to poor families and backward communities. Samiti is hopeful to achieve the goals of upliftment of poor and backwards in coming years with contributions from all communities and wise people around the country via donations in the form of money, material and volunteer help.

Aim of Samajotthan Gramodhyog Samiti

1. Establish Schools in area and Develop the higher level & lower level education.
2. Provide Government faclities to Women, Poor, helples and Disabled People time to time.
3. Make arrangements for Library and Playground for entertainment of Girls and Boys.
4. Provide Education according to Latest Techniques.
5. Provide free education for poor and disabled people.
6. Establish and Operating of Educational institutions.
7. Organize Cultural Programs and distribute prize among deserving students.
8. Establish Industries and Utilize profits from them for Charitable purpose.
9. Get help from Uttar Pradesh Khadi and Gramoudhyog board for fullfiling the aim of Organization.
10. Appreciate non-violence and give a thought to them.
11. Perform actions for the betterment of organization and all work which comes under Society ACT 20.
12. Operating Orphanages for Orphans. Hospitals, Schools, Colleges, Hostels for educating children with free training of Agricultural and Khadi Gramoudyog. With the help of these programs they can learn the importance and utilization of education in their lives.
13. Take a correct and effective steps to Inspire villagers for progress of their village and self confidence in themselves so that Government policies should reach people with the right spirit.
14. Try to improve the Economic, Social, Cultural level of Society. Appreciate GRAMOUDHOYAG and Free training for it. Operates LIBRARY, VACHANALAYA, AAGANVADHI, BALVADHI, HOSPITAL, PARMOD GRIH, PARSUTI GRIH & TRANING CENTER.
15. Progress SC and ST to progress Socity.
16. To fullfil the Aim of Orginazition, we will take Loan for Sate or from any source, if need then we can also give the property to loan provider for take the loan.
17. For develop mental, Analytical and physical knoledge generate self confident thoughts.
Providing Management for Women Development Program and old People Education program.
18. Providing managment for traning of GRAMOUDHOYOG for Poor and Helpless Student to makes self independent.
19. Try to advertise for KHADI GRAMOUDHYOG for Improve Econimice, also Establish Sell House for GRAMOUDHYOG for serve the people and Invest the profite in Organization.
20. Apprication for Agriculture.
21. Prepare application realted to pollution. Advertise and spread the knowledge of those machine which pollute the Environment .
22. Spread the bad effects of voice pollution(by loudespeaker) throwing garbage in rivers, Use of Polithines and make sincer for bad Habits.
23. Provide Traning for eatablish Laghu Udhoyag , for educated Unemployee Boys and Girls.
24. Advertisment of Family Planning, Puls Polio, Aids programs.
25. Spread the Effects of Drinking Wine, Use of Drugs and try to make them Sincer for bad habits.
26. Build Vetinary hospital for treatment of animal’s health and provide rest house for care of animals.
27. In the age of technic Provide Computer knowledge free of cost for Improvement of Orginazition.
28. Make Sincier for Dorry System, Literacy and other bad system in Society.

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  • admin

    Jul 22, 2013


    Samajotthan Gramodhyog Samiti is good working in my area and we need to support this orginization

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